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DR PEPPER SOY WAX clam shell

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Light up your space with the unmistakable scent of DR PEPPER SOY WAX clam shell! With its special formula of rich orange and cherry cola accords, cherry almond undertones, and a delightful hint of vanilla, it'll have your nose feeling like it's been taken on a fizzy pop vacation! So, go ahead, treat your sniffer to a Dr Pepper-y delight!

TOP: Cherry Cola accord, Orange, Lime

MID: Pineapple, cherry almond

BASE: Vanilla




Hand made wax melts in a clam shell.

Clam shell pack holds 6 wax melts.

Simply open the pack and break off and use as desired.


 Made with PET plastic, fully recyclable with a very high recycled content.

Clam Shell Size: 105 x 75 mm Cavities: 6 (25 x 25 x 30 mm) 

CLP compliant