Our story



We are Dave and Shelly, and we are the owners of Highland Rose Melts

We have been together since 1992 when we met at secondary school in Essex (yep, that long)

Over the years we have had many jobs and done many things in our life together including holidays, moving house, getting pets, having kids the usual really.

Dave has played music most of his life and has always been creative. Writing music, songs, designing artwork for bands, and t shirt companies.

Workwise, Shelly's background has been mainly admin while Dave's has been warehouse and manufacturing.

When the whole world went into lockdown with the Corona virus, our whole family caught it in December 2020 and since then Dave's health has been very up and down.

During 2021 while Dave was off work and suffering with depression due to his ongoing long covid symptoms, Shelly managed to get Dave's creativity back by purchasing a candle making kit.

We began to make a few wax candles and wax melts just to see how it was done. I really enjoyed making these and started to hand them to some close friends.

The feedback was brilliant, our candles were burning how they should and our wax melts were a hit.

We then spent the next couple of months perfecting our ingredients and our whole process.

The range is already growing, as we will continue to push forward with new ideas and fragrances.

At the beginning of March 2023 we relocated 400 miles away from Essex to Scotland, a place that we have visited numerous times and instantly fell in love with.


Welcome to Highland Rose Melts, a collection of 100% handmade wax products. We use vegan friendly ingredients and hand pour everything that you see on the website.

Thanks for dropping by and we hope to deliver a great service to you soon!