How are we coming up to June already??? Where has the time gone?

We have worked our butts off to get the website filled with lots of your favourite fragrances, along with some brand new ones.

A few have gone from the website due to oil suppliers discontinuing them. We always strive to find alternatives where possible.

Rosie's monthly melt box is becoming a big winner with lots of our lovely customers, each month we try to pick the best scents for you all. We hope you agree that the monthly subscription is a great little bonus surprise each month.

At the beginning of April, we had our best friend Tracey Billington Pearce join us too, she is now running our bath and beauty side of things. Already adding her beutiful hand made soaps and bath dust to the store.

In June we hope to be able to get a couple of new products onto the store, these will include room sprays ( which we tried to get out a while back, but supplier issues was a problem at the time)

We are also looking to do more events where we can. This helps us to reach a different customer base that may not have heard of us before. Its always nice to meet with the public at events too.

So keep your eyes and noses on the store for upcoming products from us x

We always like to let you all know what we are up to, and be as transparent as possible, because at the end of the day, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here making these awesome products.


Shelly & Dave

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