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CLOUDS WAX MELT clam shell

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Experience a blend of delicate floral and succulent fruity notes with the CLOUD WAX MELT clam shell. Delight in the scent of juicy pear and lavender, enveloped by airy coconut cream and oriental orchid accords. This luxurious fragrance is masterfully finished by notes of vanilla, musk, and creamy sandalwood for a balanced yet indulgent aroma.


TOP:  Pear, lavender

MID: Coconut, Oriental orchid accord.

BASE: Vanilla, Sandalwood


 Hand poured wax melts in a clam shell.

Clam shell pack holds 6 wax melts.

Simply open the pack and break off and use as desired.

Packaging is 100% recyclable with 88% recycled plastic.


Clam Shell Size: 105 x 75 mm 

CLP compliant